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Image of Paul Gentilini

Paul Gentilini

Dealer Principal
(609) 861-9000
Image of Edie Gentilini

Edie Gentilini

Customer Service Manager
(609) 861-9000
Edie Gentilini is a Customer Service Manager with Gentilini Motors. In this role, Edie follows up with Service customers to ensure they are completely satisfied with the service they received.

Edie is a qualified Customer Service Manager who has been assisting customers with their needs at Gentilini Motors since 1993. Edie believes that ensuring a customer is completely satisfied is of the utmost importance to success in any business, and takes ownership of our customers concerns as if they were her own concerns.

To contact Edie, please email CustomerService@GentiliniMotors.com, call at (609) 861-9000, or visit in person at Gentilini Ford or Gentilini Chevrolet.
Image of Frank Olivier

Frank Olivier

Marketing/BDC/Internet Sales Director
(609) 861-0100
Frank Olivier is a Marketing/BDC/Internet Sales Director with Gentilini Motors. In this role, Frank manages all marketing and advertising media, coordinates our follow up and customer relation processes, and monitors our internet sales & service processes to ensure consumers receive accurate information that is relevant to their specific needs.

Frank is a qualified Marketing/BDC/Internet Sales Director and holds Internet Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, BDC Manager, Sales Manager, Customer Relations Manager, and Technology Expert certifications from Ford and Chevrolet.

Frank is no stranger to the Automotive Industry having spent a combined total of 15 years in the business where he worked here initially as a lot attendant and worked his way through Parts, Service, Sales, and ultimately Management.

Before re-joining Gentilini Motors in 2006, Frank worked for over 28 years for a diverse range of customer service organizations, including Corporate Retail Stores, the Casino Industry, and as an owning partner in a construction business for more than 10 years.

Frank helps to ensure our customers receive the follow up they deserve in addition to being aware of our products, specials, and most importantly our award winning style of customer service. His varied background in customer service industries such as Retail Sales, the Casino Industry, and business ownership provided the perfect foundation for his current role in the Automotive Industry.

To contact Frank please email FrankOlivier@GentiliniMotors.com, call at (609) 861-0100, or visit in person at Gentilini Motors.
Image of Nina Adoranto

Nina Adoranto

Reception/Customer Service Rep
(609) 861-9000
As a Receptionist and Customer Service Representative at Gentilini Motors, Nina Adoranto welcomes customers and assists them with any questions or concerns they may have during an in-store visit or over the telephone.

Prior to joining the Gentilini team in 2019, Nina has spent a number of years customer service and retail sales. Nina’s employment history has given her the efficiency skills and understanding that makes her a perfect fit for her current role at Gentilini Motors.

Nina can be contacted by email at NinaAdoranto@GentiliniMotors.com, or by phone at (609) 861-9000. You can also stop by and visit her in person at Gentilini Chevrolet.